Silt Density Index Test Kit
The Kit contains the following;
‣ SS316, 47mm Filter Holder
‣ 45µm 47mm filter papers
‣ Pressure Gauge & Pressure Regulator
‣ On /Off Valve
‣ Stopwatch
‣ Measuring Beaker 500
‣ Forceps SS
‣ Manual

The Silt Density Index Test Kit is a measure for the fouling capacity of water in reverse osmosis systems. when subjected to a constant water pressure of 206.8 kPa (30 psi), the test measures the rate at which a 0.45-micrometer filter is plugged. The SDI Test Kit gives the percent drop per minute in the flow rate of the water through the filter. It’s averaged over a period of time such as 15 minutes.