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Features :

Vertical design minimizes hold-up volume and product loss

Attach a IFH47 filter holder to outlet to filter effluent prior to use

Autoclavable : All supplied fittings are made of PP material available for autoclave.

Safety compliance :

CE certification

Applications :

Use for Particle-free filling of vials with extemporaneous drugs

Allergenic extracts

Ophthalmic solutions

Dispensing Small Volumes of Liquid

IFH47 Stainless filter holder

Specification :

Max. Pressure: 6 bar

Max. flow rate: 1 L/min

Net weight:1.5 kg

Dimension :diameter, (in): 3.5; height, (in): 15.9

Material :

Clear polycarbonate cylinder

Black polypropylene end caps

silicone O-rings

polyethylene pressure tubing

Delrin® ball valve

Stainless steel Filter Holder 47 mm