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We Techno Search are a group of people manufacturing and dealing with IR-Accessories for FTIR, Spray Dryer based in India. We also represent Foreign Companies from Germany, USA, China ( Products are Microwave Digestion System, Microwave Synthesis System, SpectraAlyzer, Texture Analyzer)

Techno Search a 23 year old company is the most sought after name for timely deliveries, Quality assurance and perfect servicing. We have a wide customer base in India and also in some of the Asian, African and Far-east countries.

We have been a regular supplier of accessories with branded FTIR's like Perkin Elmer, Buck Scientific, Shimadzu, Jasco, Thermo etc.
Techno Search is focused on providing high quality IR-Accessories for FTIR like KBr Press, Die, KBr Die, Pellet holder, KBr / Nacl cells and windows etc.

Techno Search a 23 year old company with rich domain expertise, Techno Search is the most sought after name for timely deliveries, quality products and perfect servicing. We have a wide customer base in India and also globally in Asian, African & Far East countries.

Our emphasis is on customer satisfaction through continuous product innovation, offering the best of class products and material backed by established quality management system based on international standard With a unparalleled commitment to the support of our customers, all throughout the life of the product, we ensure quick response through a dedicated team of professionals.

We also welcome any custom designs, so as to design and deliver products according to end user's specifications and requirements. We believe in providing exceptional value to our customers by designing and delivering highly reliable products and solutions to meet the demanding needs of the industry.


  • » KBr Press Mannual ( Model : M 15)
  • » Polymer Press Automatic ( Model PF A 15)
  • » Dry Box
  • » Semi Permanent Liquid Cell ( NaCl / KBr)
  • » KBr Press Automatic ( Model : AP 15)
  • » KBr Die 13mm
  • » Column Oven
  • » Demountable Liquid Cell (NaCl / KBr)
  • » Polymer Press Mannual ( Model PF M 15)
  • » Pellet Holder
  • » Vibration Mill
  • » Spray Dryer


(Represent Foreign Companies from Germany, USA,China)

NIR Analyzer : * Food Analyzer * Milk Analyzer * Fish Analyzer * Meat Analyzer
Microwave Synthesis System ( Model : MAS II)
Microwave Digestion System : * Model - MDS 8 * Model - MDS 10
Texture Analyzer
High Pressure Cleaner