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Closed Loop System (inert Loop) With Condensation System (-25oC).

Special Purpose Oxygen Analyzer With Imported Electro Chemical Sensor For Monitoring
The Oxygen %.

To Evade Oxidation / Degradation of Ingredients.

Controlled Through PLC Controls Via RS-485 Port & Safety Interlocks For Heater & Feed Pump Linked With PLC.

Condensing & Collecting The Solvent Vapours / Solvent Condensate Respectively.

Condensation System consists of pre-cooler, refrigeration compressor, chiller/condensor with solvent condensate drain system.

Nitrogen Inert Loop is used when :-
1. Chances of oxidation of products while spray drying.
2. Critical Solvent based feeds are to be spray dried under inert conditions.

Technical specifications :

Suitable for : All solvents / Water based feeds
Inert gas to be used : Nitrogen - 99% pure
Condensation System : Consists of refrigeration compressor, chiller, condenser with solvent condensate drain system
Cooling Medium for Refrigerant : Air
Temperature of Cooling Media : 25°C
Condenser/Chiller MOC : SS 316
Refrigerant : R - 404
O2 % monitor / sampler : O2 analyser transmitter
Controls & Safeties for condensation system : HP cutoff switch Anti defrosting cutoff
Power supply : 230V AC 50 Hz Single Phase
Max. Current drawn : 10 Amps
Dimensions (LXWX H) : 650mm X 650mm X 1200mm
Weight : 120 Kg