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Analytical Instruments, Dies, IR/FTIR/XRF/HPLC Accessories, Spray Dryer, Pallet Holder, Polymer Film Making Equipments Automatic, Polymer Film Making Equipments Manual, Demountable Cell, Semi Permanent Liquid Cell, Fixed Thickness Liquid Cell, Gas Cell, Dry Box, Hplc Column Oven, Solvent Filtration Kit, Fibre Compression Press, Fibre Compression Die, High Pressure Cleaner Machine.

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We Techno Search are a group of people manufacturing and dealing with IR- Accessories for FTIR, Spray Dryer based In India. We also represent Foregin Companies from Germany, USA, China (Products are Microwave Digestion System, Microwave Synthesis, SpectraAlyzer, Texture Analyzer.

KBr Press ( Mannual )
KBr Press ( Manual )
The press is capable of producing pressure upto 15 tons.
Spray Dryer
Spray Dryer
Used industrial process involving particle formation and drying.
Polymer Press
Polymer Press
The Polymer Film Making equipment is ntended for preparation..


Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle

Pilot Spray Dryers
Nitrogen Inert Loop
KBr Press (Mannual)

KBr Press (Automatic)

Polymer Press (Manual)

Polymer Press (Automatic)
Spray Dryer
Dry Box
KBr Dies
Torrodial Die
Fibre Compression Die
High Pressure Cleaner Machine
Vibration Mill
HPLC Column Oven Accessories
Windows For FTIR
Gas Cells
Vaccum Pump
Gas Cell
Agate Mortar And Pestle
Filtration Kit
Address : 1, Sachin Industrial Estate, Ground Floor, Behind Pratap Talkies,
Kolbad Road,Khopat, Thane (West) - 400 601. Maharashtra (India).
Tel.No. : (022) 25471405   /    25471496   /  + 91 9323738296
Fax No. : (022) 25471587
E-Mail :
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